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How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Skillet is more liable to harm and rust than other cookware, so it is critical to wash it right away. If your griddle is already looking rusty, it’s now not too overdue you may without difficulty restore it to its authentic circumstance. Irrespective of how deep of a cleansing you need to do, we’ll walk you through the complete procedure. As soon as you finish reading, you’ll have the ability to attend to your forged iron griddle so it lasts for years. 20 Fun Facts About How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Skillet

How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Skillet Smooth

Smooth rust off a solid iron griddle by soaking it in vinegar and water for as many as 24 hours. Scrub the rest of the rust with metallic wool to eliminate it. ​​Dry your griddle and coat the cooking floor with a thin layer of vegetable oil. Clean the griddle while it’s nevertheless heated. Because your griddle can be extremely hot after you use it, provide it a few minutes to quiet down. When your griddle is cool sufficient to maintain along with your naked fingers but nevertheless a touch of heat, start cleansing. Meal sticks to cast iron because it cools down, so it’s crucial to clean your griddle within a couple of minutes of cooking with it.

Paper towel

Wipe up large chunks of food with a paper towel. Layer a few pieces of paper towel at the griddle, and wipe down the overall length. Gather all the huge portions of food at once give up the How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Skillet and scoop it into the trash. If your griddle has ridges, How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Skillet wipe the paper towel in the same route they run so it’s simpler to clean. If you’re cleaning a Blackstone solid iron griddle, push all of the food residues into the gathering tray at the top of the cooking surface.

Skillet seasoning20 Fun Facts About How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Skillet

Wash your griddle with a nylon brush and warm soapy water. Fill your sink with the hottest water that you can deal with and upload a few drops of dish-cleaning soap. Simply dip the bristles of the comb in soapy water and use them to gently scrub the griddle’s floor. Rinse the suds off with easy water while you’re completed. Even though you can have heard to never use soap on solid iron, it’s safe and won’t harm your griddle. As long as you aren’t scrubbing honestly tough, you won’t put off your How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Skillet seasoning.

Wood pan scraper

Keep away from using bloodless water since the temperature distinction while it comes into contact with your griddle should make it crack or warp. Keep away from letting you’re forged How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Skillet soak in water since it can make rust form greater speedy. Cast off stuck-on meals with a kosher salt scrub. how to clean cast iron grill skillet a handful of coarse kosher salt onto your griddle’s cooking floor.

Placed a paper towel or sponge on the pinnacle of the salt and have a look at mild pressure to wash away stubborn residue. Then, simply rinse the griddle off with heated water. If there is nonetheless caught meal residue, use a wood pan scraper to cast off it. Wash your griddle with warm soapy water and a stiff nylon brush after each use. Scrub kosher salt into cussed pieces of food which can be stuck on your griddle to smooth it without leaving scratches.

Apply vegetable oil

Dry your How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Skillet with a towel. Try to get your griddle as dry as feasible with paper towels or a kitchen towel. In that manner, you ensure there’s no water on the floor that would develop into rust. Avoid leaving your cast iron griddle to air-dry for the reason that water will take a seat at the surface and motive corrosion. Apply vegetable oil to the griddle’s cooking floor. At the same time as your solid iron griddle continues to be warm, wet a paper towel with vegetable oil and coat your griddle.

warm water and distilled white vinegar20 Fun Facts About How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Skillet

Soak the griddle in a vinegar answer to break apart rust. Fill a plastic discipline or bucket with the identical factors of warm water and distilled white vinegar. Completely submerge your griddle within the answer so it can start breaking down the rust on the floor. After 1 hour, take a look at if the rust has really damaged down. If now not, go away your griddle within the solution. how to clean cast iron grill skillet because of the fact the vinegar lifts a majority of the rust, take your How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Skillet out and rinse it off.


Keep away from leaving your griddle inside the vinegar solution for longer than that given that it can begin breaking down the metal below the rust. For a really rusty griddle, use a rust eraser to scrape the rust off. Even as you generally shouldn’t scrape forged iron as it eliminates seasoning, you need to re-season your griddle after putting off the rust. After you unfold the oil into a thin layer, wipe up the excess so it doesn’t pool at the surface.

The layer of oil allows for preserving the non-stick surface as well as preventing rust from forming. Avoid the usage of olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, or flaxseed oil because it has a lower smoke point and will burn off the floor faster.

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