Alex Murdaugh murder trial A jury consumes Alex Murdaugh the displeased lawyer in the death of his wife and son, Aokiteam is the Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK

Alex Murdaugh murder trial: A jury consumes Alex Murdaugh the displeased lawyer in the death of his wife and son

Alex Murdaugh murder trial:

A jury in South Carolina has once considered Alex Murdaugh murder trial, a prominent Attorney Alex Murdaugh, for all calculations for the death of his wife and son. The jurors discussed for about three hours before convicted of the murder of the violent crime and the use of two weapons. As soon as the verdict was read, Modau showed a little emotion.

Alex Murdaugh murder trial A jury consumes Alex Murdaugh the displeased lawyer in the death of his wife and son, Aokiteam is the Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK

It was sentenced to ET at 7.30am on Friday:

The 54 -year -old man took a position in his own defense. He was found guilty of using a rifle to kill his wife Maggie Murdo to kill Maggie Murdo to kill his son Paul, 22. They died in the Mosle Hunting Estate of the South Carolina family, June June, 2021. The Location region.

Before depriving him, Murdo was an influential attorney in Southern Carolina, and he was one of the most prominent families in the state.

He faces the imprisonment of a 30 -year imprisonment to be convicted of each murder. Prosecutors did not look for the death penalty.

After the trial, prosecutor Craiton Waters said it was tried today. “Your family is not considered. How much money do you have or think to you are not considered. You are not considered what you think you are wrong if you make a mistake if you break the law, if you kill in southern Carolina Will be done justice.

Judge Clifton Newman described the guilt of guilt in this case as “irritated” in this case and denied a request from defense to declare a lie.

The judge’s comment ended six weeks of trial, which fascinated South Carolina and the nation. Media coverage included the direct broadcast of the trial itself, the true crime podcast and a documentary on Netflix.Alex Murdaugh murder trial A jury consumes Alex Murdaugh the displeased lawyer in the death of his wife and son, Aokiteam is the Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK

Alex Murdaugh confessed to lies about his Alibi, but insisted that he did not kill his wife and son. Earlier in the day, Alex Murdaugh’s defense team had finalized him to prevent him from spending decades in prison, providing their concluding argument in the South Carolina Attorney trial accused of killing his wife and son.

A defense attorney for Alex Murdaugh wanted to sow about the work of the police and forensic parties, saying that they had rarely been in favor of preserving evidence from the crime scene. Defense emphasized that Alex Murdaugh’s false and amendment to Alibi was derived from Paranoya, emphasizing defense.


In response, the prosecution heard a lot of testimony about the character of the Murudh “called the jury to pay attention to the common sense and the truth.

Prosecutors said that he stolen a few million dollars from his colleagues and clients, and his financial pressure was increasing – his financial pressure was increasing – when he also fooled his wife and son, he also lied to the people near them. – When he killed them, when he killed them.

Murudh’s defense says the evidence that investigators gave:

Defense Attorney Jim Griffin said that from the very beginning Alex Alex Murdaugh was a law enforcement bias against Murdo – by adding they later furnished evidence against him. Griffin said that the state investigators failed badly in the investigation of the prosecution.

Griffin said that Murudha was excluded from the list of potential suspects when South Carolina was a law enforcement department, or sled, or sled, when a suitable job was to collect evidence.Alex Murdaugh murder trial A jury consumes Alex Murdaugh the displeased lawyer in the death of his wife and son, Aokiteam is the Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK

If we don’t find anyone else it is going to be Alex, Griffin gave his investigators a version of thinking. Griffin added, his client’s Weed practice made him an easy aim for sled. They started fabricating evidence against Alex.

Griffin said Slax Alex Murdaugh took a sample from the garment, but they did not take DNA samples from Maggie and Paul’s clothes. Once investigators captured the idea that the experiments that had high-speed blood on Alex Murdoh’s T-shirt were spread, they refused to dismiss the idea and followed it with revenge.

But when the state faced mixed results and questions about the Murdh shirt test, Griffin said they accepted a Mr. Clean Theory, which assumed that Murdo was washed away with a hose quickly and washed itself with a golf cart. Naked, I think, to get back home before meeting his mother.

Prosecution says to concentrate toward real:

Prosecutor John Miders – Earlier this year, an experienced veteran of the trial of retirement from retirement to join the state case – provided the closing argument of the rejection. In a speech with a dramatic flair, the madar called for the lies that had expressed the lies of the trial, including the Murdoh fluctuations to 12 jurors.

Maidores said that all Murdou testified to him, when he lied to him that he was a liar.

This is the real, the middlers repeated when he called on Jury to concentrate on the truth of the case, he did not consider the defense attempt to undermine them. He repeatedly requested “credibility and general knowledge”.

The Alex Murdaugh also laughed at the defense theory that night. If Alex Murdaugh does not promise to kill, Medas said that some unknown invaders or attackers are leaving his wife and boy in the dog’s can on the dog, and the guns find out that the guns will be effective there.

Does it feel any meaning? Medara asked.

He mentioned that the state does not need to prove the state premature or purpose in the murder case of the South Carolina law. However, he added, he believes that the purpose of the case against Alex Murdaugh and other elements against the Alex Murdaugh is that no one else can do so.

Meadors says of Alex Murdaugh’s dog:

The prosecutor remembered the testimony from Paul’s friend who said he and Paul shot his .300 blackout rifle – which prosecutors said that Maggie was used to kill – one or two months before the murder. This proves that the gun, which was not located, was recently in Mosle, said Medars.

It’s strong You can feel it like rain, he said.

This is an episode of Colombo, without real, the Middleers say that Modau made an important mistake as the murderers of the TV detective.

Maders have finished the “beautiful” and “perfect” testimony coming from the victims: Paul proved his father that the video took the video, and the shot surrounding Magi’s body was a family gun.

Paul had that insurance on him, said of the midrs video, Maggie and Alex Murdaugh were heard talking about their dog Bubba, who had snatched a chicken to the canals.

Thanks for Bubba thank Shawar, Medra told Jury.

I think he loved Maggie. I think he loved Paul, Maders told Alex Murdo. But do you know that he loved more than that?

When Murudh’s alleged financial crimes caused his real pressure and threatened his rich life, Medas said he showed that he loved himself more. And Murdoo did what he needed to protect himself, he added.

Defense pokes the prosecutors’ use of phone:

Prosecutors re -played the video a few minutes before the shooting began, taking on the canals at around 4:00 am. It was talking about Alex, Maggie and Paul to the dog.

Griffin said, “Four minutes later, the state can believe that Alex Murdo has blown his son’s brain” and killed his wife, Griffin said.

He also wanted to sow investigators at the time of his death, he said that only Pauls and Maggie’s phones were locked at around 4:00 am, which did not mean that they both died.

Griffin ran with the phone’s data, reflecting a few minutes after 8:49, creating a theory where the killed mother and son probably set their phones on the kennel. Orientation changes and other movements Maggie’s phone has been recorded, he said, he probably indicated that he was still holding his phone – or probably a “bad guy” got it.

Defense says that Murdag can never kill his wife and son:

Griffin re -played the witness’s testimony by describing Murdo as a loving husband and father. Regarding the allegations of financial misconduct raised by the Murdof law organization on the morning of June 2021, Griffin emphasized that it was not different from any other day in the “mad” of Alex Murdo.Alex Murdaugh murder trial A jury consumes Alex Murdaugh the displeased lawyer in the death of his wife and son, Aokiteam is the Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK

Griffin said the pressure on his client was overbell. When Murdau finally felt the pressure, the attorney added, he had taken steps to end his life in September, asking his cousin to shoot him.

Griffin started his speech with the overview of the criminal legal system, comparing this trial with an instant-read review in college football. Despite the allegations against Modog, he told the jury, the call of the field – the default position of the law – is Murdo innocent. It is a prosecution’s job to prove Murdof’s guilt beyond the reasonable doubt.

If the government does not fill the “high burden” of its evidence, he added that the jury must identify Modag as guilty.

Prosecutor told jurors: Don’t let Murdaugh fool you:

In his closing argument, Waters emphasized to jurors that he felt there was one thing missing in the two days Murdoff spent testifying. If the new alibi is true, Waters asked, why didn’t Murdoff express remorse for not staying at the kennel to potentially protect his wife and child?

Jurors received a wealth of information about Murdaugh’s character from his former law colleagues and clients who said he stole millions of dollars, including multiple stories about his alibi.

This defendant fooled everyone people who thought they were close to him,” Waters said. He also fooled Maggie and Paul and they, too, had to pay for it with their lives.. Don’t let him fool you, either.

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