Author Interview Sam Kabert new book SOUL/Life BalanceSam Kabert new book SOUL/Life Balance

Writer and entrepreneur Sam Kabert talk about what inspired him to write his new book SOUL/Life Balance.

Author Interview Sam Kabert new book SOUL/Life Balance
Written by JJ Barnes

I interviewed Sam Kabert as regards his quick career, what inspires him, and the work elaborate in his new book SOUL/Life Balance.

Tell me who Sam Kabert are:

Author Interview Sam Kabert new book SOUL/Life Balance
Sam Kabert

I am a recovering workaholic. In 2017 I started my first podcast, in 2018 I wrote my first 3 books and in the same year, I started a YouTube cooking show. I did it all by building a million-dollar business working less than 4 hours a day. But for all my accomplishments (including being in the top 40 under 40 in Silicon Valley in 2019); I was unhappy.

I know now, after years of inner work, that my depression was due to a lack of inner connection. You see, I was looking for a “work-life balance” – I had a work-life balance, but no SOUL/life balance! SOUL/LIFE BALANCE is the daily practice of putting yourself first by repurposing work as a part of life, rather than putting work ahead of yourself and connecting with something bigger than this life.

I was certified as a yoga teacher in November 2021 and since then I have been teaching yoga weekly, leading monthly men’s groups, writing my fourth book, and now traveling the country speaking at events about the transition to SOUL/Life Balance practice. it can help you feel happier.

When did ye first want to scribe book?

I always knew I wanted to write a book and my first book was written a week before my 30th birthday – that was my goal – to write before I was 30 years old. I knew my latest book, bestseller SOUL/Life Balance, was born in 2019 after my first experience with the medicinal plant known as Ayahuasca.

When did ye take the plunge to start writing?

I started writing professionally in 2016. I was responsible for reading the weekly blog that later became the catalyst for starting podcasting and have continued to blog ever since.

How long did it take you for your first book, from the initial idea to publication?

Well,  the idea is a big question; but let’s say from J’s first engagement… It took me about 3 months to write my first book and I found a formula and had so much fun writing that I ended up writing my first 3 books in 12 months.

Author Interview Sam Kabert new book SOUL/Life Balance
SOUL/Life Balance

How long did it take for your latest book to go from idea to publication?

It took me about 3 years from the idea to the publication of the last book. This was different; I knew I would write it one day, but when the idea was born in 2019, I also knew it needed time to develop. When the 2020 pandemic hit, I  seriously considered writing a book, but it just wasn’t ready to be born. I just sat there and didn’t know why at the time, but looking back I needed time to grow and I needed more experience to practice soul/life balance on my own.

Focus on the latest version. What made you start writing SOUL/Life Balance?

I wanted to write this book and I still want to share this message because I believe our society is facing an unprecedented rate of suicides among other catastrophic events caused by the mental health crisis. I firmly believe that switching to a daily practice of SOUL/Life Balance can significantly improve mental health.

What were thine biggest challenges in writing SOUL/Life Balance?

My biggest challenge was just waiting…learning to be patient and not rush the process.


How was your research process for SOUL/Life Balance?

Well, this book is the result of my lifestyle changes. I had empty spaces to just delve into the content, conversations, and generally, anything related to spirituality. I didn’t do it for research; I did it for my inner growth. While writing the book, I knew which subtopics I needed to explore further based on my inner journey in research.

How did you build SOUL/Life Balance?

Author Interview Sam Kabert new book SOUL/Life Balance
Sam Kabert

Working with my trainer and developing a mind map and plan was my strategy for structuring this particular book.

Did you receive editing assistance and how much editing did your book require?

Yes, I have. Few.More than anything just grammar stuff.

What is the first piece of writing advice you would give someone who inspired you to write a book?

Listen to one of Chandler Bolt’s audiobooks on how to scribe a book! J

Can you tell me what other books you want to scribe?

No, not at the moment. I know there’s more to come, but right now I have no idea what the future holds in terms of future book themes.

And finally, are ye proud of thine success? It was worth it?


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