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I can vouch for the fact that Brush Organizer Rack painting equipment can be an impossible chore for painters. It’s simple to lose track of your supplies and make a mess when you’re constantly reaching for various colors and brushes. However, I’ve just lately come across this paint and brush rack, which has significantly simplified the organization of my art equipment. Best Brush Organizer Rack 22 Brushes For Space-Saving

Brush Organizer Rack organizer

We’ll look at the features of this organizer, its benefits and drawbacks, user feedback, and how it helped me clean up my cluttered studio in this review. The Mezzo Artist Paint and Brush Rack is the organization I’m referring to. I most recently uploaded the trio set, which consists of three unique organizers. Two of the racks may contain both paint and brushes, while one is specifically for paint tubes.

Durable wood

For what it is, the Brush Organizer Rack is composed of rather durable wood, making it strong enough to sustain regular use. The paint rack includes tilted sections, which both add to the visual appeal of the display and make it easier to find the colors. I haven’t yet had a problem with any specific brushes, and the brush holders are compatible with both short and long-handle brushes.

Best Features

The tiny size of this set of Brush Organizer Rack organizers is one of its best features. They won’t take up much room on your desk or workspace, which makes them ideal for artists working in tiny studios or in places with little room. They are also incredibly portable and lightweight, making it simple to transfer them. It was simple to put the rack together. Each piece of the kit comes with straightforward assembly instructions and no tools are needed.

Positive reviewsBest Brush Organizer Rack 22 Brushes For Space-Saving

All three racks took me about 10 minutes to assemble, and the parts all matched up properly. Although it’s a tight fit, I’ve read that some people had trouble putting it together. However, if you follow the instructions, there shouldn’t be any issues. If you search the internet, you’ll find that reviews are, on the whole, overwhelmingly positive. Take some of the Amazon reviews with a grain of salt because they might be hit or miss.

Shipment damage

Many of the reviews that are critical of this Brush Organizer Rack organizer mention how it doesn’t work well with particular kinds of paint tubes. For instance, some paint companies utilize tiny tubes for their oil paints, while others use relatively long tubes for their acrylic paints. Since Amazon sells this product and most of the negative ratings are related to shipment damage, you won’t have any issues with returns or exchanges if you’re unlucky.

Studio organization

Others have appreciated its adaptability, which has allowed them to arrange their supplies in a number of different ways. I can attest that it’s a pretty clever organizer, and it has done wonders for my studio organization for my typical shaped paint tubes (both large and little). Watercolor brushes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and purposes on the market.

Natural hair brushes

Natural hair brushes are frequently more expensive and more likely to sustain damage than synthetic hair brushes. Both hair kinds are ideal, and painters typically keep a Brush Organizer Rack of each type. However, both require proper maintenance. To quickly remove paint from the brush, simply immerse it in a large amount of fresh water. Manufacturers of art supplies have created a type of soap that is specially made for cleaning brushes.

Machine detergentBest Brush Organizer Rack 22 Brushes For Space-Saving

Use caution when using hand soap or machine detergent because they are extremely alkaline and can cause hair to become hard. To get the soap to bubble and permeate the hair, softly run the Brush Organizer Rack over the soap’s surface and gently swirl it around. Until you are certain that your brush is thoroughly clean, repeat this step.


For artists wishing to arrange their painting equipment, this storage Brush Organizer Rack set is a great option. I don’t regret buying it, and I’d definitely do it again. My studio no longer looks like a hot mess thanks to this setup, which was simple to construct and looks fantastic.

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