Corin Thistlewood ,The Touchwood, Chronicles Book ,1 The Sun & Moon, Ariqza is The Best Entertainment Magazine in the UK
Corin Thistlewood The Touchwood Chronicles Book 1 The Sun & Moon
Written by JJ Barnes

writer Corin Thistlewood talks as regards her composing career and the inspiration back The Touchwood Chronicles Book 1 – The Sun & Moon.





I interviewed author Corin Thistlewood about her life and career, what inspired her to write and the story behind her book, The Touchwood Chronicles Book 1 – The Sun & Moon.

Tell Corin Thistlewood who you are:

Corin Thistlewood ,The Touchwood, Chronicles Book ,1 The Sun & Moon, Ariqza is The Best Entertainment Magazine in the UK
Corin Thistlewood

I was a trained electrical engineer and was very interested in the latest discoveries in physics. But I also have a deeply spiritual side and have been heavily involved in the New Age movement. I later found out that quantum mysticism encompasses all of these beliefs, so I include them in my books. I still practice as a druid and attend midsummer rituals at the local megaliths. I enjoy long walks in the woods and on the local beaches.

When did you maiden want to scribe a book?

It was a few years ago when I was in Australia. I have taught Celtic Shamanism and many people have asked me if I have written down some of the rituals and practices I have taught. I didn’t, so I decided to fix it and published a small book called Introduction to Celtic Shamanism. It was only a small print run from the local print shop, only 100 copies I think, but they sold well at every mind, body and spirit event I attended. This encouraged me to create a monthly correspondence course. One every month for years. After all, I let about 80 students participate in the course. After that I produced a second year that was more advanced. A lot of people have told me to write a book about what I’ve always wanted to do but never found the time.

When did you decide to start writing?

This was during the first UK lockdown.All my other work seemed to dry up during this time, giving me the space to write about my experiences.

How tall did it take you for your maiden book, from notion to publication?

Now, like I said, I had this idea a few years ago. But since I started writing this book, it has taken me about a year to write and read it. The publishers needed about 4 months for the first version

What made you decide to read The Touchwood Chronicles Volume 1 – The Sun & Moon? In

I was inspired by the book Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. I thought it would be a good way to illustrate the use of ancient wisdom in everyday life by writing an adventure story that uses that wisdom. My heart was drawn to the perspective of the native Celts, the often ‘secret’ and ‘hidden’ powers, philosophies and magics of my homeland. The more I wrote, the much the adventure tale became autobiographical. But bringing quantum mysticism into the mix was important to me because it appeals to the modern mind that explains sorcery and mysticism in a scientific measure.


What were your greatest challenges in writing The Touchwood Chronicles Book 1 – The Sun & Moon?

The biggest challenge for me was “why” the book became autobiographical. I didn’t want to entangle my immediate household and loved ones. So I had to search a way to leave her. The second biggest challenge was putting all in one book.

Who or what inspired you to create The Protagonist?

The narrator is a posterior self named Touchwood, who is an senior version of me who feels compelled to confess his Wiccan and magical past. Since it is mostly autobiographical, the main letter is the author.

Who or what stimulates you to make The Antagonist?

Corin Thistlewood ,The Touchwood, Chronicles Book ,1 The Sun & Moon, Ariqza is The Best Entertainment Magazine in the UK
The Touchwood Chronicles Book 1

The main antagonists in my stories are the global elites and corporations that are destroying our planet in the name of profit and greed. Spoiler alert: But there are other antagonists in the second and third books.

What is the arson Event in The Touchwood Chronicles Book 1 – The Sun & Moon?

First, the prince meets a mysterious Scottish fisher who shows him choice ways of life and worldviews.

What is the primary conflict in The Touchwood Chronicles Book 1 – The Sun & Moon?

The book bills the protagonist’s battle to find his original psychic path in a world that has allowed the “Church” to shatter almost all traces of it.

You Sworn The Touchwood Chronicles Book 1 – The Sun & Fly the glorious person from over or under your pants and scribe freely?

I have written freely about my “flying-in-the-pants” experiences. The book tells about my adventures. Then I did a lot of experiment on Hugh, checking scientific fact and place names, etc. Also, so that the right time can be determined.

When editing The Touchwood Chronicles Book 1 – The Sun & do you necessity the beautiful person?

revealing Push LTD was very helpful in preparing my book for edition.

What is the maiden piece of composing advice you would pay someone that instinct you to write a story?

Don’t do it again. Never look at a blank page for inspiration. Carry a note-book with you and write under the things that motivate you, you can at last have a basis for a book.

Can you say me what other books you shortage to scribe?

As I said, one of the maximal challenges was getting all into one book. I realized I couldn’t. So the second book in the Touchwood Chronicles order is meanwhile written and I’m very busy with the third and final book.

And in fine: Are you elated of your attainment? It was worth it?

I felt I had written a book that I would like to read. I’ve never seen anything like this, so I’m very happy with the result. And yes, it was worth it.

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