Electric Indoor Searing Grill Best 100 Square

In exchange for a frank assessment of the Electric Indoor Searing Grill product, a Hamilton Beach representative got in touch with me to see if I’d be interested in trying out their Electric Indoor Searing Grill. I leaped at the chance to try grilling indoors with something new because the weather was still unreliable and a little chilly. The Indoor Searing Grill’s lid, high temperature of 450 degrees F, and dishwasher safety for the majority of the parts piqued my curiosity in particular. Hamilton Beach has also kindly volunteered to give away an Indoor Searing Grill to one fortunate Man Fuel Food Blog reader.Electric Indoor Searing Grill Best 100 Square

Electric Indoor Searing Grill best way

I’ve tried indoor electric grills previously, and I’ve found that most of them don’t produce a lot of heat, thus most food takes a very long time to cook. Additionally, I’ve observed that many indoor electric grills with covers or lids have very close spacing between the grill and the cover. By trapping the water vapor, employing the cover results in the food steaming rather than grilling perfectly. Last but not least, cleaning the grill grate of the majority of electric grills by hand in the sink after cooking was always a pain.

Rise and escape

I enjoyed that the lid provided some depth or height between it and the grill surface when I tested out the Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill. The meal would cook more quickly as a result of the heat being maintained, but it wouldn’t steam because the water vapor could easily rise and escape. The lid also provided a small amount of smoke and spatter protection.

Comparable to other electric grillsElectric Indoor Searing Grill Best 100 Square

I believed that this small appliance’s power was comparable to other electric grills. However, I will admit that in order to achieve the Electric Indoor Searing Grill, I had to keep the temperature at “Sear” during the entire cooking process. The Sear option is actually only useful for outdoor grills that cook at temperatures much above 400 degrees F.where this grill must remain to function properly.

Grilled char

Anything less could prevent the meal from developing that lovely Electric Indoor Searing Grill. Overall, I felt that the grill worked fairly well to replace a grill inside. The chicken I grilled was delicious; the recipe is below. I really appreciated how simple the cleanup was—just throw everything in the dishwasher and wipe the frame down with a paper towel.

Charcoal grill

But your indoor barbecue won’t heat up as quickly as a conventional gas or electric Indoor Searing Grill. Many of them lack the proper architecture to achieve and sustain interior temperatures of 400 degrees or more. For chicken, you want temperatures about 400°F and around 475°F for an excellent steak sear.

Gas grill

Our collection of indoor grills can generate temperatures hot enough to make Electric Indoor Searing Grill, but they can’t take the place of an outside barbecue. In conclusion, if you have a designated area for an outside barbecue, we advise buying a gas grill and skipping the interior models on this list.

Grill in a little spaceElectric Indoor Searing Grill Best 100 Square

You might not have an option, though, but to look for a means to Electric Indoor Searing Grill in a little space. When it’s chilly outside in the winter, you live in an apartment, or you go outside to light the grill only to realize you’re out of propane, having an electric grill on hand is a wonderful idea. A little “smokeless” indoor grilling is in order right now.


The manufacturer also claims that the maximum temperature will be reached in 8 minutes. With a reading of 410F, we found that to be mostly true. This is more than we can say for a number of the electric cookers we looked at. There is one drawback to IR cooking, though: there isn’t really a way to avoid looking directly into the light. You can’t tell from the photo, but these heat lamps are really bright; you’ll be shocked the first time you turn them on.

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