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The time to prepare the Gas BBQ Grill is when the sun is shining. Australia has a culture of hosting outdoor barbecues where friends and family may enjoy good times and delicious food. More and more men and women are using tongs to turn the meat and snags on the hotplate. Here are 12 useful grilling tricks and suggestions to make your BBQ dishes a success.Gas BBQ Grill Best SLG-2 High Heat Safety Equipment

Gas BBQ Grill or hotplate.

Apply cooking oil with a brush or a spray to the cooking surface of a gas or charcoal grill. Close the grill and give it five or ten minutes to pre-heat before cleaning the cooking surface with a clean, wet cloth. Do not use Olive oil and other oils that cannot withstand high heat should not be used. The Gas BBQ Grill should always be seasoned.

Gas BBQ Grill, safety precautions

Until you are ready to grill, keep perishables like raw meat clean and refrigerated. To prevent cross-contamination between cooked food and raw meat, keep everything chilled and have plenty of dishes and containers available. When you’re ready to cook the meat, only let the frozen meat defrost to room temperature.

From the exterior in, sear meat

When using a gas barbecue, place the steaks and sausages immediately over the grill grates. To keep the slices of meat from sticking, lightly oil them. Using a small amount of coarse salt and black pepper A nice crust can be made by using some coarse salt and coarse black pepper. Typically, the hotplate is used to cook tender vegetables, buns, and Gas BBQ Grill patties instead of the grill.

Searing and crosshatchingGas BBQ Grill Best SLG-2 High Heat Safety Equipment

Before cooking meat, heat the gas BBQ grill so that it is ready to sear the meat at a high temperature and seal in the juices. Before cooking, remove the meat from the refrigerator 15 minutes in advance. After reducing the heat to the appropriate setting for your recipe, sear the meat for 90 seconds over high heat. Turn the meat an eighth of a turn (45 degrees) and sear it once more. This will produce a decorative crosshatch pattern and help seal in the juices from the brisket.

Only make one meat turn

Despite the fact that many people disagree with this cooking procedure recommendation, professional BBQ cooks rigorously abide by it. When using your gas grill, avoid crowding it too much to prevent uneven heating. To prevent flare-ups, it is a good idea to cut the fat from meats before cooking. Make sure you have enough gas so that you can cook continuously. Gas BBQ Grill cooking that is not done on a burner when cooking on a gas barbecue BBQ, indirect heat is necessary for whole birds, roasts, and the majority of fish fillets. Upgrade to an LPG barbeque that can be used as a grill or an oven on medium-high heat.

Avoid sticking BBQ forks into things.Gas BBQ Grill Best SLG-2 High Heat Safety Equipment

When using a Gas BBQ Grill, avoid poking holes in the meat to preserve the natural juices. To do this, pierce the skin of the sausage with skewers or a BBQ fork. Instead of using forks, use long-handled tongs or spatulas. To get even more tender and juicy results, let your grilled piece of meat “rest” for five minutes after BBQ grilling, covered loosely with foil. This advice also applies to roasts and other meats grilled on a hot grill for barbecue.


Avoid developing the practice of setting your gas BBQ to high and leaving it running because not all meals will cook at the same temperature. While some foods are best cooked quickly and in a hot environment, others are not. Spend some time learning what to cook at high and low temperatures. Burgers, lamb, hog, and thin-cut meats are better for preparing quickly at high temperatures, but other meals, such as fish, vegetables, and poultry, work best at medium temperatures. Even lower temperatures should be used to cook roasts and larger chunks of meat.

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