scribe Interview Catherine Bloor new book Soul Of A Raven

writer Catherine Bloor discusses the encouragement behind her new historical fantasy book, Soul Of A Raven. 

scribe Interview Catherine Bloor new book Soul Of A Raven


Written by JJ BarnesI interviewed Catherine Bloor about her life and career, what inspired her to start writing, and the inspiration behind her next book, Soul Of A Raven.

Tell Catherine Bloor who you are:

scribe Interview Catherine Bloor new book Soul Of A Raven
Catherine Bloor

I work in the University of Aberdeen library, pulling old books out of a stock of around a million. Some of my favorite things to do are walking long distances, playing the clarinet in the local band, listening to audiobooks, collecting sea glass, and taking too many random.

When did you first want to scribe a new book?

When I was a child. I  wrote a “book” for the first time when I was ten. It was about twelve pages and included pictures! I was VERY proud! But then I didn’t scribe another tale until I scribe Soul of a Raven, though writing a book was any I dreamed of. There were many reasons not to write, but  I think high school was a mess for the imagination (!), and earning and making a living got in the way. I’ve never made writing a priority.

When did you decide to start writing?

My younger graduated from college in 2019 and the nursery seemed vacant so it was the Faithful time to start entry. Then Covid happened which gave me time to write. I didn’t relieve even though the first few fittings I wrote were ridiculously awful.

How long did it take you to complete the book, from initial idea to publication?

Three years. About eighteen months of actual writing.

What made you decide to write Soul Of A Raven?

The idea for this book arrives from searching for my family plant on the Ancestry website. I found women on a Victorian census. Mary was my grandmother of five and worked as a coach at Petworth room of Correction. His girl Eliza had thirteen children, along with Catherine Bloor (whom I nominal Wren). They were all humble and very ordinary women, but I wanted to know more about them, which was frustrating and impossible. So I arrive at a tale for Wren risen on found facts and some local stories.

As I entered this, I couldn’t protect, the urge to add little magic to the tale because there is so much in tale and folklore that loan itself perfectly to Magic. The myths and mysteries nearby the London Stone are a good instance of this!

I still haven’t led to getting to central London to see the real London gem in its  Cannon road window, despite composing a book about it! But my eldest son reliably informs me that it exists – he transmitted me pictures each time he passed!


What were your maximal challenges to entering Soul Of A Raven?

The biggest challenge was estate the guts to think that composing an entire novel was somehow doable or a good idea! In the beginning, writing was a challenge for me every day and I had to be strict with myself and stick to a schedule or the days would go by with nothing. I found it momentous to keep it a secret from most communities because I felt like a small embarrassed office.

Who or what stimulates you to make The Protagonist?

Wren is my fabulous ancestor. The form of his life loosely rises on Victorian fact; he was born in Petworth, led to Chichester, then whatever, probably poverty, arrived here in London. I gave him sorcery, destiny, and a restless, mighty enemy.

scribe Interview Catherine Bloor new book Soul Of A Raven
Soul Of A Raven

Who or what stimulated you to make The Antagonist?

Corvus, as I scribe, evolved from the notion of ​​darkness, feral historical times,  what happens to the self when it cannot finance, notions of wish and rejection,  immortality, ravens, crows, magpies, and their link with the Darkness, gothic and rodent.

What is the arson fact in Soul Of A Raven?

There are two irritant episodes. First, when Corvus is reborn from two eaten-up souls, and second, when Wren’s fate is jived through the magical nature of a moon-colored bunny eardrop from London Stone.

What is the Soul Of A Raven’s main conflict?

Wren must somewhat fulfill her destiny to protect the London gem and the city, while Corvus does whatever it takes to stop him.

Did you pre-plan Soul Of A Raven or fly back your pants and outset writing?

I had a dim three-part form in mind and tried to scheme each part. But it turns out I can’t scheme any details. I only had notion and solutions to the problems of the tale as if I were active to continue writing. In the center of a sentence, another the notion came to me, completely unrelated to the topic, and I had to write it quickly to avoid forgetting it!

Did you take assembly help and how many assemblies do Soul Of A Raven require?

I was very happy when I “finished” this book, but I knew it wasn’t proper at all and I didn’t learn how to fix it. I got an improved version (structure, characters, pace, plot issues, etc.) from a professional secretary who kindly told me that parts were awful and deuced, which really inspired me to “get better”.So  I took it apart, rewrote a lot, changed the verb inflection, and made a lot more  Corvus. The book has also been edited several times to correct grammar.

What is the maiden writing tip you would give back to someone who is inspired to scribe a story?

scribe your German story, even if the words don’t exhibit to catch it at maiden – keep it up! you will get better and you will have fun performing it!

Can you say me what various books you want to scribe from?

I think a lot as regards late 18th-century folklore and old stories so I prospect to try to bring them to breath.

And finally: Are you elated about your attainment? It was worth it?

Yes, I completely am! Sure it’s not perfect,  but I really tasted writing it. Writing is part of my breath now; I love that it’s so creative and fascinating.

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Soul Of A Raven crow is available online on January 24th at Amazon, Waterstones, and various major Cranthorpe bookstores and Miller publishers.

Instagram: @catherine.bloor

Twitter: @CathyBloor

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