Interview  Sarah T Wright new book Anna’s F-PlanSarah T Wright new book Anna’s F-Plan

Children’s book writer Sarah T Wright talks as regards the inspiration behind her children’s Christmas book Anna’s F-Plan.

Interview  Sarah T Wright new book Anna’s F-Plan
Written by JJ Barnes

I interviewed Sarah T Wright about her life and career,  her writing inspiration, and the story behind her new Christmas children’s book, Anna’s F-Plan.

Tell me who Sarah T Wright are:

Interview  Sarah T Wright new book Anna’s F-Plan
Interview  Sarah T Wright new book Anna’s F-Plan

I am a photographer with emotion for art, art story, and animals. I love walking and running.

When did the first want to scribe a book?

I’ve always wanted to write. I remember saying in elementary school that when I was a kid I wanted to write books. It took a toll time, but I’ve finally grown up!

When did you decide to start writing?

I’ve spent my whole life telling my family, friends, and anyone who would listen to me that I was going to be a writer, but I only sat down and started writing in earnest ten years ago when I was dating Spain returned.

How tall did it take thou to fill the first book, from notion to publication?

It took me three years from writing Anna’s F-Plan to publishing it in October. I started before the quarantine and then, unlike any other writer in the world, stopped writing during that time.

What made you decide to write Anna’s F-Plan?

I remember thinking about a humorous story about angels in high school. So the corn of this tale has been there for a  long time.

What were the primary difficulties in writing Anna’s F-Plan?

Overcoming doubts and self-confidence. Ironically, that was the dominant of the book.

Who or what inspired thou to make The Protagonist?

I visualize what I write, and when I wrote the letter to Anna, I channeled my inner Sandra ox into Miss Agent.

Who or what stimulates you to make The Antagonist?

I’m going after Hollywood for the character of Holly. I envisioned a mix of Melissa McCarthy’s and Rebel Wilson’s wit in Anna’s comedic interactions. On the several hand, Leonardo’s role was inspired by a love of Renaissance art.

What is the main conflict in Anna’s F-Plan?

Anna Frost was a substitute in the Army of Heaven. It was her life, but it’s only when she begins to live that she begins to question what she really wants.

Interview  Sarah T Wright new book Anna’s F-Plan
Anna’s F-Plan

Did thou plan Anna’s F-Plan or did you fly past the seat of your pants and type freely?

I sat at a table in the library with a new notebook and pen in hand, waiting to see what would happen. After a few days of doodling, looking out the window at passing cars, and praying for divine inspiration, Anna went to the rescue with a rather large sword. She led, I pursued, and the story flowed.

Did you get help with the editing and how many changes did Anna’s F-Plan require?

This was my first book so I had no notion how the revealing process went. I thought I had edited my book pretty well until my editor told me otherwise! I used a lot of non-vocal informal notation in some comedy scenes to convey the humor and lyrics, but she pointed out that this was wrong, so several chapters had to be rewritten. It was a valuable learning process.

What is the first slice of composing advice you would give someone that stimulated thou to write a story?

Don’t let fear hold you back. Believe in yourself, in your story. Have faith and do it.

Can thou tell me what other books thou would like to write?

I  started to work on my second book as regards Leonardo and his story.

And finally Are thou elated of thy success?

Of course! I feel good that I finally fulfilled my dream of writing a book.

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