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Written by JJ Barnes

I got P.M.A. Hayes on her life and career, what inspired her to start writing, and what inspired her new book, For Murder Press 3.

Tell P.M.A. Hayes Who You Are:

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P.M.A. Hayes

Since moving to Napier (Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand) in 2015, I’ve lived a more relaxed life. My partner and I were dying to get away from work and the busy city where we had both worked for many years. I’ve spent most of my professional life in two different public hospitals, where I worked as a clinical programmer. Now that I’m retired I have more time to do what I love: learn to write and write books, read, relax, and embrace a different way of life.

In 2003, when I was working full-time, I read an article in the local paper about a How to Write a Novel course and realized this was my chance to check it out because I  often thought about writing, but it didn’t. I know where to start.

When did you decide to start writing?

In 2003, despite a busy professional life, I had the idea of ​​enrolling in a correspondence course in fiction. Then I did a postgraduate degree in creative writing (I graduated a few years earlier). Creative writing commissions were also created through the mail and through the website.

How tall did it accept you for your first book, from notion to publication?

I started writing one novel during the first course,  and I’ve written five in about fifteen years. I wasn’t thrilled with any of them, and it wasn’t until I retired and took a break from my stressful lifestyle and work environment that I began to better understand the writing process and learn better ways of writing. Write.

How tall did it accept you to fill your latest book, from initial idea to publication?

It took a little over three and a half years from the initial idea to the publication of FOR MURDER PRESS 3,  although  I also published another book during this time.

What drew you to write for Murder Press 3?

I wanted to create a setting and a character that would leave me open to writing a series of books, so I decided to write a detective story with a private investigator as the protagonist.

What were your biggest challenges writing For Murder Press 3?

First, decide whether my hero will be male or female. Second, which crime thriller did I want to write? Third, how should I  tell the story through my characters? I considered giving POV  to the rehearsal only, but that was too restrictive. Then I had to decide if all the characters should be in the third person. My character was originally going to be written in the first-person perspective, but I changed my mind and put them all in the third-person perspective. Another challenge was  to bring a sense of horror and rhythm to my writing. I struggled with this because what I thought might be scary, wasn’t necessarily nail-biting to others.

Who or what stimulated you when creating your Protagonist?

I had a photo in my mind of a caring person, who had tolerable and had to search for his own meaning quickly. I was partly inspired by Hercule Poirot and Maigret, who I think had the sensitivity I requisite my protagonist to have.


how or what inspired you to create The Antagonist?

This arose from the concept of the antagonist as someone whose life had gone astray and who had plenty of time to reflect on his situation and build up resentment, even towards those who had helped him along the way. So he and his counterpart were people who still bore the wounds and scars of the past, and as they both tried to put their lives in order, they finally gave in to their inner demons and went down a dark path to settle the score .

What is the arson incident in For Murder Press 3?

A sedition incident is the murder of a woman that has  angered some people and caused some to seek revenge. Her ex-husband becomes the police’s prime suspect and enlists the help of private detective Benedict Aberthorp to find the real killer as he fears he will be framed for her murder.

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For Murder Press 3

What the main conflict of For Murder Press 3?

The main conflict comes from those who, according to Benoît, all have a motive to kill the victim. He must uncover their secrets before he can find out if the past has any bearing on the current murder. And those who keep secrets want it to stay that way.This causes a serious conflict for the researcher.

Did you plan For Murder Press 3 ahead of time, or did you duck your butt and start writing?

was planned, but more were added as we wrote. When I needed to get my affairs in order, parts  of the book came into play.

Did you get editing assistance and how much editing did For Murder Press 3 require?

Yes,  my book was published by someone else and also by Cranthorpe Millner. It required some editing before it reached a publishable standard.

What is the main piece of writing counsel you would pay someone that inspired you to write a story?

I would probably say  just write your story and don’t worry too much about correcting it until you’re done. Ask someone else to read it too, and don’t just rely  on your own judgment as to whether it’s good enough for others to read.

Can you say me what other books you want  scribe?

Already writing the second book in the Benedict Aberthorp series.

 And finally, are you proud of your achievement? It was worth it?

Yes, I’m proud of my book because I’ve seen it from beginning to end. I thought I would have more time to write when I retired, but some days are very busy and I  wish there were 25 hours in the day. However, I often work better when I have less time, which seems paradoxical. And yes, it was  worth it.

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