Author Interview Rich Armstrong new book The Perfect 100-Day Project  Rich Armstrong new book The Perfect 100-Day Project 

I interviewed Rich Armstrong as regards his life and career that inspire his creativity and action in his new book The Perfect 100-Day Project.

Author Interview Rich Armstrong new book The Perfect 100-Day Project 
Written by JJ Barnes

Tell me who Rich Armstrong are:

Author Interview Rich Armstrong new book The Perfect 100-Day Project 
Rich Armstrong

I am an artist with ADHD  who creates compulsively. I draw, code, animate, write, design, and teach – I consider myself a world-class generalist. Or a unicorn. But I also like to see how people come to life through creation. Creating myself and watching others create is a double-edged sword that gives me life.

When did you want to write a book?

When I was a kid, I wanted to scribe a book like The Hobbit. Or a comic. And when I was 25, I started writing a book called Destroy Today. It was about being productive. Which is a big issue in my life. ADHD wreaks havoc on the productivity of most creative people. But I’ve found ways to be super apt.

When did you decide to start writing?

I’ve been doing journalism since high school. I didn’t call him that at the time, it was pathetic. I wrote and drew all sorts of things in my journals. I doodled strange creatures and characters. I wrote analogies and allegories about life and what was happening in my life. I wrote down the interesting things I heard at church. I wrote the lyrics to my songs. I wrote little stories. I wrote poetry. And sketches of love letters.

How tall did it take thou to complete the first book, from idea to publication?

My first book is called Doodling Around Words and it took me as regards a month to write it. It’s short and helps people be more creative by drawing random words every day. Since then I’ve written a collection of 100 Web Personality Stories and The Perfect 100-Day Project. And they all revolve around almost 100-day projects.

How long did it take thou to complete thy latest book, from initial idea to publication?

In early 2021, just two months after the birth of my first child, in the midst of the COVID pandemic, I began writing this book — much of it was written on my laptop at the table while my daughter was snuggled up to my chest or up my phone while I sleep in my arms. A year and a few months other it was available to order. I was finally able to send a link to my friends, family, and followers.

Zoom to the latest version. What inspired you to write the perfect 100-day project?

The Perfect 100-Day Project is based on a popular online course I took in 2019. Over 30,000 students have taken the course and given amazing reviews. The projects I saw in this course were overwhelming. But as I saw more 100-Day Projects and answered more questions about 100-Day Projects, I realized I had so much more to say. A 100-Day Project shouldn’t just be a “creative” project. It could be something that can change your life. And that’s what I wanted to help the readers with on a small and large scale.

What were the biggest challenges in writing The Perfect 100-Day Project?

I found it difficult to divide topics into specific sections. I could write on one topic and half overlap with another topic. I ended up converting the book into a question-and-answer format. Each chapter is a question to which I write the answer. Then I also ask the reader questions: that way it becomes a practical manual and not just a nice theory to brag about.

How was thine research process for “The Perfect 100-Day Project”?

Not much to tell the truth. I mainly searched for dates and names. Most of my “research” was based on empirical evidence.

Author Interview Rich Armstrong new book The Perfect 100-Day Project 
The Perfect 100-Day Project

How did you structure the Perfect 100-Day Project?

I divided the book into questions that the reader could ask, then I divided those questions into sections within the book. At the beginning of each section, I have marked the chapters that I think are best read if a choice is to be made. However, the book is not linear and each chapter can be read at any time, especially if the reader has a burning question they want to be answered. I started the writing process first by asking a question, writing an answer, and writing down any other questions that came to mind (besides the questions I wrote from the online course).

Did you get editing help and how many edits do you need for the perfect 100-day project?

I received support, but minimal (I think). It certainly helped Americanize my book.


What is the main piece of writing counsel thou would pay someone that inspired thou to write a book?

Write when and where you can. Try to write at least 10 minutes every day, it doesn’t even have to be standing minutes. And it certainly doesn’t have to be at your desk with a steaming cup of cocoa nearby. Write on your phone. Write on the train. Write while you’re in the bathroom. Instead of surfing social media or watching TV series, write! Write in bulleted lists. Write in semi-coherent nonsense words.

Dictate your thoughts over the phone. Text each other with ideas and thoughts from your partner’s cell phone. The more thou write, the more thou want to write. Sometimes you have to write 1000 words to realize that you can write anything in 20 words. But you wouldn’t understand if you didn’t write 1000 words first. Write!

Can thou say me what other books you want to write?

That Destroy Today book. A book as regards simple, approachable, productivity. It perhaps won’t be called Destroy Today—sounds pretty gloomy.

And, finally, are thou elated of your accomplishment? Was it value the effort?

Yes and yes. But that is far from the highlight of my “career”. As soon as I finished writing, I would move on to the next thing and the next and the next. I am currently experiencing a creative renaissance of creating NFTs after spending 100 days creating and selling NFTs in early 2022.

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