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The Sauce Pot, the newest addition to our line of smart cookware, was introduced this week, as we announced. With the intention of enabling home cooks to master sauce preparation, we began creating this piece of cookware a little more than two years ago. I’m pleased to declare that this vessel is the best piece of smart cookware we’ve created as the Culinary Director at Hestan Smart Cooking.Sauce Pot and Basting Brush Set Best CBP-116

Sauce Pot for chefs

The world’s smartest sauce pot is the result of countless hours of labor on the part of our team of chefs, culinary scientists, and engineers. Here, we’ll give you a behind-the-scenes peek at how we developed more than 45 new recipes. Additionally, our Cue chefs incorporated some of the science and testing as well as some of their favorite new recipes.

Smart Cooking

Since Hestan Smart Cooking Sauce Pot was established in 2015, our mission has been to assist home cooks in producing consistently great meals by using precise temperature control and recipe videos. Our goal was to use Cue’s Smart Cookware and our over 50 years of combined professional culinary experience to empower home cooks to create restaurant-caliber dishes in the convenience of their own kitchens.

Capabilities of precise

We learned more about the capabilities of precise temperature control with each additional vessel. We discovered how to precisely control the cooking temperatures and durations for a variety of meats, pan sauces, and Sauce Pot, and shallow frying with our initial tool.

The Chef’s PotSauce Pot and Basting Brush Set Best CBP-116

The Chef’s Pot, which added even more capability (and over 100 new recipes), as well as the knowledge of temperature control, was soon after launched. The Chef’s Sauce Pot not only offered more food, but it also presented a special set of difficulties. The chef’s pot was designed to provide simple braising, frying, and large-batch meals for the entire family.

Brilliant culinary

Fortunately for us, our group of brilliant culinary scientists dug deep into these issues and produced amazing answers. In light of this, we advocate using the appropriate instrument for the job. We obviously lacked a crucial piece of cooking equipment: the sauce pot. missing out on skills like emulsified egg sauces and rice, which is crucial. How to master the art of preparing various sauces is one of the queries I receive regularly as a chef.

Balance of technique

For various reasons, most home cooks still find creating sauces to be somewhat mysterious. This is a valid justification. A delicate balance of technique and temperature is needed to create a delectable and silky Hollandaise. The Hollandaise Sauce Pot will split and become a greasy mess if it gets too hot or cold or if the butter is added too quickly.

Prepares the saucesSauce Pot and Basting Brush Set Best CBP-116

The Saucier, or chef who prepares the sauces—yes, this is a full-time job in the culinary world—is at the head of the cooking line in a traditional French kitchen. After several hours of testing and experience, we were confident that. Julian Weisner, a resident culinary scientist, leaped at the chance to assist us in achieving stress-free sauce production.

Reduction sauces

The process was simple for simple sauces like vinaigrettes and reduction sauces. We could only use temperature regulation. But he had to virtually start again when it came to recipes for Hollandaise, cheese sauces, and emulsifying butter for poached lobster. The eggs will scramble if you cook them up too quickly. For lobster poaching, emulsified butter can become too hot and separate.

Algorithms and modified

Julian tested several cooking algorithms and modified how we apply heat to the pot over the course of countless hours. He finally cracked the code after months of diligent work and recipe development. What if we gradually raised the temperature as the sauce thickened rather than just setting it? This would prevent the butter from separating and the egg yolks from scrambling. We put theory into practice and were astounded by the outcomes.


Making a Sabayon no longer required a double boiler, and we no longer had to be concerned about holding our sauces. This provided the home cook with all of the equipment necessary to succeed each and every time they stepped up to the Cue, along with our renowned video instruction.

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