Interview with Author Darío Aguilar Peregrina The Hurricanes Saga

Author Darío Aguilar Peregrina talks about his scrawl career and the inspiration behind The Hurricanes Saga book series.


Interview with Author Darío Aguilar Peregrina The Hurricanes Saga
Written by JJ Barnes

I interviewed Darío Aguilar Peregrina about his life and career which inspired his writing and also inspired The Hurricanes Saga.

Tell Author Darío Aguilar Peregrina who you are:

Interview with Author Darío Aguilar Peregrina The Hurricanes Saga
Darío Aguilar Peregrina

Darío Aguilar Peregrina is a Mexican author who was born in Mexico City, Mexico, and raised in Apatlaco, Iztapalapa but now resides in La Colonia del Valle, Benito Juárez. He is the creator of  Hurricanes 2007, Brigade DXT, Latin Dance, and The Three Wise Young Men Sagas.

He was originating on June 12, 1997.

All his work draws on his Mexican-Latin American roots and combines them with many genres such as science fiction, action, drama, comedy, sports, music, and black.

When did you mainly want to write a book?

I started writing when I was 6 years old because my grandfather, Manuel Aguilar Andrade, who was from Tamazola, Oaxaca, was a poet, so I tried to emulate him, but eventually, we agreed that I  better at writing stories was my love for movies like Spider-Man, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, The Dark Knight, many movies by famous Latino comedian  Cantinflas and Mattel Max Steel movie series.

When did you decide to start writing?

Also my grandfather, but also my mother, Elisa Aguilar Peregrina, and my aunt, Dulce María Aguilar Peregrina, who was nicknamed “Tía Anne”,  encouraged me to write more, because that is when I like to tell stories to my family and colleagues from elementary and high school.

Over the next few years, I wrote several short stories in an anthology I made for myself called Mexico City, where I had adventures with my own toys and scenarios of my own creation.

How tall did it take you for the first book, from idea to publication?

It took me 12 years to publish the first book Hurricanes 2007. The idea came to me when I was 9 years old then the story evolved over the next few years adding a Mexican-Lesbian heroine, antagonists, and supporting characters who are from England, the United States, Brazil, Peru, and Japan.

How long did it take you from the initial idea to the publication of your latest book?

The Final Book in 2021 was the third chapter of The Hurricanes 2007 saga, titled The Virus of Extermination. It took me a year to write it, but the idea came to me in early 2009 when I was 11 years old.

Interview with Author Darío Aguilar Peregrina The Hurricanes Saga
Hurricanes 2007

The first book of the year was The Three Wise  Men (Spanish for Los Jóvenes Reyes Magos) which took me 9 years to publish because I had the idea when I was 12-15  in early 2010 – early 2013. The idea came when I was 13-16 years old,  late 2010-2013 and it took me 9 years to release it.

The last book I wrote recently called Latin Dancin (the same name applies to the Spanish version) took me out after 9 years because I had an idea when I was 14-16 years old, in early 2013.

Focus on my latest release hosting. What made you decide to write The Hurricanes Saga?

Basically, the idea for Hurricanes 2007 Saga came from my love for hurricanes because I found them strong when I was 9 years old and also because of movies like The Day After Tomorrow, 28 Days Later, Logan, and Animated Blue Blob.

For three wise young men. The idea came from many childhood memories of waiting for gifts from the Three Kings (Los Reyes Magos). Every night on January 5th, they bring skills to Hispanic and Latino children. I am like Santa Claus.

The book was inspired by my childhood memories of Latin American, European, Arabic, and African cultures as the Magi came from the last three places and were the legacy of the Spanish who came to Mexico in the 15th and 16th centuries. It was also inspired by films such as The Three Wise Men, the 2003 Spanish animated film, Tim Allen’s The Santa Trilogy, Doctor Strange, and the Harry Potter films. for the DXT Brigade. The book is inspired by the Goal trilogy, FIFA games, Coach Carter, and many sports films.

For Latin American dances. The idea came to me between 2010 and 2015 due to my love for the games Guitar Hero, Dance Central, Just Dance, and the anime Sword Art Online, coupled with a homage to  Latin music and the different Latin cultures  I grew up with.

What were your biggest challenges writing The Hurricanes Saga?

With the six books, the challenge was to improve my writing and live up to the vision I had in mind for them.

Who or what inspired you when developing The Protagonist?

In Hurricane 2007 she was a female version of me mixed with Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman.

In Brigade DXT It was a part of my life that involved characters like Santiago Muñez from Goal and Ken Carter from Samuel L. Jackson.

The Three Wise Men was another part of my life mixed in with the wise men from the animated film I mentioned and the teenage characters from Zoey 101 and Harry Potter.

In Latin Dancin, another part of my life and Latin roots, mixed with characters like Tori Vega from Victorious, the Chilean show 31 Minutes (31 Minutes in Spanish), Kirito, and Latin singers like Camila Cabello, Luis Miguel, Selena Quintanilla, and Bellanova.

Who or what incite you to make The Antagonist?

In Hurricane 2007, I envisioned a dark version of myself and characters like Magneto from the X-Men, Private Henry West from 28 Days Later, and many other Marvel/DC villains.

At Brigade DXT, I was inspired by the many bad coaches I’ve had in my life as an athlete and not being able to be in Mexico.

The Three Kings was inspired by Voldemort from Harry Potter and Belial, the antagonist of the Three Kings in  Spanish animation.

In Latin Dancin, I was inspired by people who bullied me and made me hate Latin music and dance for a while.

What is the hurricane saga fire incident?

Interview with Author Darío Aguilar Peregrina The Hurricanes Saga
Brigade DXT

Hurricanes 2007, This is the final example of the Hurricanes 2007 project starring Darcy Ember Phoenix, an Anglo-American girl who gives her superpowers.

Katrina Fernandez also has this substance in her body and wants to kill Darcy to gain her powers and conquer the world with the help of the “Hurricanes”, women from hurricane forces.

To stop them, Río Pedroza, a Mexican naval cadet, will try to stop them and save Darcy, his friends, and the world.

The Three Wise Men is about the disappearance of the original sages and the task of their descendants named Melchor, Kaspar, and Balthazar to find them.

In Brigade DXT,  Manuel Peregrina and his friends dream of going to the Olympic Games.

In Latin, Dancin is an in-game competition of the same game to find the next Latin artist and win a deal with Noa Río Records to create a music album. Marisol Quintanilla is the story’s MC.

What is the main conflict in The Hurricanes Saga?

In Hurricanes 2007 is a conflict between Río Pedroza, Darcy Ember Phoenix, and his friends against Katrina Fernandez with her army and other antagonists like Dean Benbow Rogers and his group of Infect hurricanes.

In Three Wise Young Men, the search of Melchor, Caspar, and Balthasar for the first wise men is told.

Brigade DXT is about Manuel Peregrina and his friends who win the university cup and qualify  their national teams for the world championships in the sports they practice.

Latin Dancin follows Marisol Quintanilla, Xabiani Ariztábal, and Graciela Magdalena as they embark on a Festival Top Latino journey and win a video game competition.

Did you plan the hurricane saga in advance or did you fly behind your pants and freelance?

I draw the main details of the book in advance and freely write dialogue or screenplays for the characters.

Did you get help with editing and how much editing did The Hurricanes Saga cost?

No, I do everything alone. Since I’ve written 90% of the book in great detail, I don’t need to edit much.

What is the premier piece of writing advice you would give anybody that stimulates you to write a story?

I would suggest writing what excites you the most and not listening to anyone who says it’s a bad idea.

Interview with Author Darío Aguilar Peregrina The Hurricanes Saga
Three Wise Young Men

What several books do you want to write?

Sure! I intend to write and translate all these books into English:

In the year 2023, I will have the fourth part of the Hurricanes 2007 story called Shadows of The eclipse, which is the tale of Río Pedroza and his friends who devise go trying to win the war against the army of Katrina and Benbow.

Also the second part of  Three Kings, where they will meet other characters who bring gifts to children around the world, including the famous Santa Claus.

Also in third place is  Brigade DXT Part 2, titled “Worldwide”, in which Manuel and his friends travel to their national teams to represent them at numerous events around the world.

And finally, Latin Dance will have a sequel called FT. Hispano-American, where Marisol and her friends will play a video game again, but this time against former winners of the  Top Latino Festival and take home a prize in a world music tour.

And in fine Are you proud of your attainment? It was worth it?

Absolutely because many people from different parts of the world already know my work and I have won many awards in Mexico, one in the United States, one in Canada, and diplomas from different countries.

I also promote new talent in the art world on a Spanish Canadian TV/Radio show called Hello Arte.

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For all the books I mentioned, here is a link. I don’t have a website but you can google all my work by typing Darío Aguilar Peregrina in the search button.

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